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Sales Capital South


Job responsibilities

§ Performs moderately-complex Cisco Capital sales activities to facilitate sales and maximize value of Cisco Capital for Cisco products and services using specialized financial knowledge and sales experience.

§ Begins to develop and lead cross-functional and cross-organizational Cisco Capital off-book sales engagements, programs and initiatives with low to moderate resource requirements, risk and/or complexity that identify and develop the best transaction for Cisco Capital, Cisco, its channel partners and its customers.

§ Helps negotiate and structure Cisco Capital deal discussion based on understanding of customer and/or partner needs and industry trends.

§ Communicates complex ideas, anticipates potential objections and persuades others

§ Develop Cisco Capital awareness within Cisco sales teams and Cisco partners by providing meaningful Cisco Capital trainings.


Negotiating :

·     Knowledge of successful negotiation concepts and techniques; ability to negotiate successfully across the organization and with external vendors and clients in a constructive and collaborative manner.

·     Utilizes the basic concepts of negotiating.

Relationship Management :

·     Ability to establish and build healthy working relations and partnerships with clients, vendors, and peers.

·     Understands the nature of a productive business relationship.

Selling :

·     Knowledge of and ability to use diverse tools, tactics and techniques to persuade clients and partners to finance via Cisco Capital.

·     Displays basic skills associated with the activities and responsibilities involved in selling Cisco Capital off-book financial products.

Sales Forecasting :

·     Knowledge of and the ability to estimate sales trends.

·     Understands the concepts and importance of accurate sales forecasting.

Sales Proposals and Presentations :

·     Knowledge of sales processes, tools, and techniques; ability to prepare and present formal recommendations for how the organization can meet the clients and partners needs.

·     Understands the process of sales proposals and presentations.

Sales Closing and Agreements :

·     Knowledge of and the ability to close deals and reach final Cisco Capital off-book agreements with Cisco Capital Financial Partners.

·     Identifies the importance of closing deals and gaining agreements.      

Account Management :

·     Knowledge of account management practices, tasks, and tools and ability to provide Cisco Capital flexible finance products to clients.

·     Identifies the responsibilities of a customer account team and ability to propose value added Cisco Capital solutions.

Perseverance and Follow-through :

·     Knowledge of prospecting techniques and the ability to effectively continue an approach to a customer or a partner through repeated contacts and in spite of initial uncertainty about the outcome.

·     Keeps and uses accurate and complete records of all contact with customers, partners and prospects.

Understanding Customer Needs :

·     Knowledge of and the ability to recognize and be sensitive to the different perspectives and priorities of different customers and partners.

·     Identifies different decision-making styles and the impact they have on customers and partners decisions.

Addressing Customer Needs :

·     Knowledge of and ability to meet customers and partners needs by offering appropriate Cisco Capital products in an appropriate manner.

·     Describes the basic offerings of Cisco Capital flexible finance and its primary features.


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